boxesMini storage is an excellent way to take control of your basement, garage, or other areas when they become crowded and difficult to manage. To make storing your items a positive experience; we offer a few suggestions to ensure your items stay in great condition.

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  • Decide how you’d like to arrange the items; clearly mark boxes so that you know exactly where your contents are and can easily reach what you need when you need it. We recommend putting things you use frequently near the front of your unit.
  • We do our best to keep your valuables safe. However, no storage unit is air tight. Cardboard boxes and books can be a magnet for dust and damp. Store your items in sealed boxes set on wooden pallets to keep them off the floor.
  • Please store safely. Do not stack your items up to the ceiling or against the walls. We advise you to use some cost-effective plastic or metal shelving units as needed to avoid stacks falling down around you. This also helps for those items of unique shapes and sizes.
  • Use natural ways to repel bugs in your storage unit rather than insect sprays. When you use insect sprays in your storage unit, all the items exposed to the spray will be coated as well as smelling like the insecticide. Good natural bug ‘blockers’ for moths or cockroaches include lavender and cedar, which those bugs hate.
  • Prepare your items. Trimmers and lawn mowers which run on gas should be drained prior to storing. Household appliances should be cleaned out. Leave empty fridges and freezers propped open to inhibit mold. Don’t forget to take batteries out of your electronics.


Take back the space in your home and garage so that you can enjoy your free time without tripping over items or having to move boxes from one space to another when guests arrive.