Garage sale

Our recent posts Cash, Trash, or Keep and Make Money from Your Storage Clutter! might have prompted you to start thinking about having a garage sale of your own. That’s a great idea. It’s always good to de-clutter, and if you’re able to put a few dollars into your bank account in the process, all the better.

On the surface, having a garage sale seems very simple, but there are certain things to do for a successful event. After all, you’d be pretty disappointed if no one showed up or if no one bought anything.

At Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, we’ve put together five tips that will keep you from getting stressed out as you plan your sale.

Set a Date

Establishing a date for your sale seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised how many people start collecting items to sell without setting a date first.

These people figure they’ll collect everything first. They tell friends they’re going to have a garage sale but can’t give a specific date when asked. So their friends can’t spread the word.

Set a date. Having a date will force you to be more organized, and you can start spreading the word about the exact day people should come by. Of course, you’ll do some advertising, but word of mouth can bring a lot of customers.

Gather and Price Items

Once you’ve set the date, you can start to make serious progress on collecting items to sell – not just from your over-crowded storage unit, but also from every room in your house. Look everywhere for items that you are ready to part with. You probably won’t have another sale soon, so make this one count.

Pricing items as you go along is easier than waiting until everything has been collected. And don’t make the mistake that many sellers make. Don’t undersell yourself. People expect to negotiate prices at garage sales. So be sure your prices are high enough to allow for negotiation.

Advertising Is Essential

Yes, advertising is the best way to ensure that news of your sale is seen by enough people to bring a good turnout. And a good turnout will likely mean better sales and more money for you.

Put an ad in a local newspaper and on Craigslist, but you can also share the event on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to put up signs at your local supermarkets and at strategic locations throughout your town.

Plan Your Display

Don’t expect that you can just set up everything without planning an appealing display. People are generally attracted to an item because of its visual appeal. Take that into consideration as you plan how you will exhibit your items.

Set up tables to display small items and put tarps down for items that need to sit on the ground. Hang clothes on a portable rack. Run electricity outside so that you can plug in electronics to show that they function.

Group similar items together and keep everything as organized as possible so that people won’t miss something that they might have been interested in purchasing.

Be Welcoming

Greet everyone who comes to your sale. People are more likely to buy from a friendly seller so make an effort to have some interaction with every person who comes by.

Find a way to make a connection – compliment a customer on her jacket or mention how well behaved her child is. That doesn’t mean being pushy – just friendly. And always keep a smile on your face. People are more likely to purchase from someone who is pleasant.

Need Advice?

Come on down to Otter Creek Village Mini Storage in Benton, AR, for a visit. We’d love to advise you on your garage sale.