You may think choosing a mini-storage facility is a simple process of looking for the right sized location at a good price. And, if you don’t care about the safety and protection of your property you may be right. However, if you want to make sure your belongings remain in the same condition that you stored them in, you may want to investigate a bit further. Here’s the scoop on what you should be asking about when locating your next mini-storage unit.

Customer Service at A Glance

Customer service is a vital part of any business that deals with the public and mini-storage facilities are no exception.  From the time you call, email, or walk in the door you should get a feel for the level of personal attention, knowledge, and service you will receive from the property management and staff. On-site staff should be able to answer all of your questions in a friendly manner. Quality customer service is an indicator of the importance that a facility places on you and your belongings as their customer and tenant.

Dedicated On-Site Management

Just because a facility has on-site management does not mean you will have 24/7 access to their assistance. Verify what “on-site” management entails as well as what the facilities emergency contact policies and protocols are. You should ask, “How do I reach someone if I need assistance accessing my unit during non-office hours in case of gate or lock issues?” This provides you with insights as to the on-site management’s philosophy on handling off-hour problems.

Cleanliness is a Must

Look at both the facility grounds and office area in addition to the actual storage units to see that they are well maintained. The floors should be clean, shelves and counter tops dusted, bathroom facilities freshly cleaned regularly, and the grounds should be free of debris, damage, and critters. There should be waste bins to avoid littering, and landscaping should be kept up. Keeping the facility clean helps deter critters and insects from wanting to visit; which should be one of any mini-storage facilities top priorities.

Stringent Security

Whether your mini-storage offers 24/7 access or simply extended office hours you want to make certain that the security offered is around the clock with cameras and video surveillance systems that store recorded data for an extended period of time. Gates, locks, and passcodes should also be regularly monitored and maintained to keep them working effectively.


Lastly, you want to choose a facility that fits your location, size, and amenity needs. This means consider where you’re going to be accessing your unit from, i.e. home, office, as well as do you need 24/7 access to your unit or have climate control requirements, etc.

Thinking about all of the items you will or may store in your unit and verifying that the facility you are considering renting from has the features and services that you need will make you much more likely to access your unit and belongings regularly.

When it’s time to rent a storage unit, knowing what to ask and look for is critical to being happy with your decision. Call Browning Park Mini-Storage  today for a friendly consultation about your storage needs.