With wedding season in full swing, you may be wondering where to store all of those large or early arrival wedding gifts while you plan your big day. Or maybe you and your intended are transitioning from two small domiciles to one larger residence and you need someplace to store gifts in the meantime. The solution? A mini storage unit. Here’s why!

Benefits of a Storage Unit

Using a mini storage unit provides you with more flexibility when it comes to wedding planning, gift storage, and moving.

  • Oversized Gifts – A storage unit allows you to add larger items like beds, or larger appliances to your wedding registry and receive them prior to your wedding, or store the items after your wedding until you move into your new home.
  • One Location – Merging your two households can get chaotic as you sort through old stuff and receive new items preparing for your future life. Using a storage unit to store those newly received gifts and items that you will be taking from your old home to your new home make moving easier by allowing you to have all of the belongings that will be moved into your new home in one place.
  • Minimize Moving Damage and Accidental Loss – As boxes and furniture get shuffled around it becomes easy to misplace or damage possessions. Utilizing a storage unit to store your items as you sort and plan for your move minimizes the likelihood of inadvertently throwing out the wrong items or overcrowding closets or cupboards on the home storage front.
  • Temporary Storage – Additional event storage is always a plus to store tables and chairs or other bulky furniture items that will be used at the reception.

Getting married is a wonderful event that takes planning, scheduling, and creativity. It should be a joyous occasion, so why not eliminate some of the stress and chaos by using a mini storage unit for added space and storage needs. So, call Browning Park Mini Storage today and see how we can help make your special day that much more enjoyable.