Beautiful passionate couple having a romantic candlelight dinner at home, drinking wine, toasting

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching you may be pondering the perfect gift for the special people in your life to show them how much you love them. Whether it’s an endearing mommy to daughter gift, father to son gift, or lover to lover surprise it’s important to include a bit of yourself into your gift choice on this day dedicated to love. Here are a few clever, and inexpensive ways to do just this by using items that you may already have tucked away in your storage.

Gifts are supposed to reflect our adoration and special connection with the recipient, not a competition for the most expensive or extravagant item on the market. This is especially true on a day of love, so whether you buy your gift from a mall or spend the time and effort creating a handmade present, incorporate something special and unique into the store-bought item. Here are some examples of great ways to do this.

  • Lockets Full of Love – An elegant locket is a great way to give a gift of love that can be carried with your loved one all the time keeping you close to their heart. Be sure to pick out your favorite photo of the two of you or a special memory of an event and place it inside the locket before wrapping your gift.
  • Refinish Old Furniture – A special expression of your love is to refurbish an old family heirloom furniture item that might be sitting in storage. Taking an item that has emotional attachment but has long since lost its lackluster newness, and transitioning it back into a functional focal point of beauty and tradition will melt your Valentine’s heart melt every time they use it.
  • Pull Out the Fancy Dishes – Don’t just use those fancy serving sets sit in storage all year waiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas to come around. Whip up your Sweety’s favorite culinary repast and serve it up as a fine dining experience at home. A little soft music, dim lighting, and fancy crystal glasses and you will have the most romantic setting anywhere this Valentine’s Day.
  • Transform a Space – Spend some time cleaning out a cozy corner or room for your spouse or loved one to use as their own meditation, reading, or yoga area, whatever their hobby may be. Providing them with a special place of their own to relax and re-energize is the best way you can show them how much you appreciate everything they do. And, when you’re ready to store some of those displaced items, contact Browning Park Mini Storage where one of the knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you find exactly what you need.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a stressful competition to prove who loves who more by how much they spent. It should be about reflection on those special moments, appreciation, and giving of one’s self to those who give of themselves to us every day. Taking the time to put a personal twist on a store-bought gift or had craft a present from items you have on hand is the perfect way to celebrate the true meaning of the day of love.