What better way to overcome cabin fever from all of the COVID-19 mandatory stay-at-home orders than with a bike ride through the neighborhood or countryside? And, with May being American Bike Month the timing is perfect for digging your old bike out of storage and dusting it off, giving it a tune-up, and getting back in the saddle again.

Here are some great ways to celebrate American Bike Month, even with the kids home-schooling and unable to ride to school.

American Bike Month Activities

  • Teach the Kids the Rules of the Road – Every year bicyclists are injured or killed due to not knowing or choosing not to follow the rules of the road when sharing roads with automobiles. Keep your kids safe by educating them on how to remain safe while riding their bikes.
  • Refurbish a Family Heirloom or Junk Store Find – Spending time with your children refurbishing an old bike bringing it back to life is a fantastic way to create life-long memories, while also teaching kids to value those things that they have versus throwing them out and buying new.
  • Discover a New Path – With thousands of bike paths across America, there is always a new route to be found. Explore your area’s bike path maps to find a new path to explore with friends and family this summer.
  • Teach the Little One to Ride – Now is the perfect time to teach your youngsters to ride their first bicycle whether it has 3-wheels or 2, they will have a blast learning a new skill that will keep them active and occupied all summer long. Bicycle riding is one of those perfect activities for maintaining the 6-foot social distancing rule or entertaining the kids when there are no friends around to play with.
  • Decorate a Bike Helmet– It can be difficult to get children to wear their bike helmets. But, allowing them to customize their helmet to reflect their interests and personality using stickers, non-toxic paints, and crafting supplies is a great way to encourage their interests while making them want to wear this vital safety-gear.

Be Prepared for Summer Riding

Before you jump on your bike that has been sitting in storage all winter and take off, there are a few things that should be done to keep you and your family safe as they ride.

  • Get a Tune-Up – Bike shops have been deemed a necessary business during the mandatory shut-downs. So, help spur on the waning economy of your local small-business community by taking your bike in for a much-needed tune-up. This should include having the chain and gears cleaned and oiled, seats and handle-bars adjusted, and reflectors repaired or adjusted.
  • Over-haul your Gear – Don’t wait until you are ready to go for a ride to discover that your bike paints have seen their last day, or your favorite water bottle has become unusable due to being poorly stored. Review your riding gear now and be prepared for that spontaneous ride.

Take advantage of the stay-at-home orders and social distancing requirements this month by celebrating American Bike Month. And, if you require a safe and clean place to store your family’s bicycles give Browning Park Mini Storage a call. We’re sure to have just the right space to keep all of your family’s valuable bikes and riding gear protected in one convenient place.