In case you have forgotten during all of the COVID-19 chaos, May 10th is Mother’s Day this year. What better way to show mom you care than to handcraft her a special gift with some of that excess time and energy that’s building up while self-distancing? This is also a great way to save some cash while exploring your creativity while the economy is on the decline. If you are at a loss for ideas, keep reading, we’ve got you covered with some clever ideas that you can do at home.

Remembrance Gifts

If you have a mom with a sentimental heart, here are some great ways to make her happy this Mother’s Day.

  • Memory Photo Book – Collect a group of photos of your favorite memories and print them out on high-quality photo paper. For this project, you have a variety of ways to incorporate them into a lovely photo book by using a scrapbook, store-bought photo album, or collage frame.
  • Create a Picture Frame with Nostalgic Items – Using items such as movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, etc. that have been saved from fun times with mom, to decoupage an inexpensive store-bought picture frame turns a piece of cheap merchandise into a one-of-a-kind memory frame. Once the frame is complete place a special photo of the two of you inside to give it that extra touch before wrapping in colorful tissue paper or homemade gift wrap.

Creative Mom’s Who Enjoy Gardening

If you have a mother who enjoys spending time in the garden either tending to her herbs and vegetables or maintaining her flowers, here are two homemade options to remind mom of your love every time she’s out there.

  • Customized Fairy Houses – Fairy houses are a whimsical way to spruce up any garden and easy to craft out of everyday recyclables. Using some spray-paint, glue, 2-liter bottles, and aluminum foil provide a solid base for your fairy house, and instructions are readily found online. Once your base is completed, all you need is a little creativity and some small river rock, moss, or even pine cones to complete the fairy house illusion. 
  • Customer Decorative Planters / Water Falls / Lighting – Help mom, to decorate her outdoor spaces with custom decorative planters, water features, or mood lighting. These are easily made using items such as broken terracotta pots, old watering pots, baskets, even an old pair of shoes that can be found around the house or in storage. Cleaning them up and reusing them as base material jointly with a basic crafting and gardening supplies is a great way to keep expenses to a minimum while creating a stunning functional conversation piece that mom will love.

Showing mom, you love and appreciate her doesn’t have to be expensive or store-bought. It simply takes a bit of creativity and heartfelt inspiration in combination with everyday items that you can find at home or forgotten in storage.

Browning Park Mini Storage would like to wish all the mom’s out there a Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day, as well as remind everyone to stay safe and responsible with their family gatherings as summer approaches during this controversial time of COVID-19 and economic instability.