Although there are an abundance of self-storage facilities in Benton, AR, this does not mean that all such facilities are created equal.  If the property that you intend to safeguard and preserve at a storage facility has enough sentimental or monetary value to justify renting a self-storage unit, then it is worth evaluating the features, options and benefits offered by the business to ensure you make the right choice for your particular needs.  Because we know that many people are uncertain about how to determine that a particular self-storage company is good fit for their intended use, we have provided an overview of a few factors that storage facility patrons might want to consider:

Hours of Operations/Unit Access: We have heard horror stories from customers who show up to pick up their camping equipment or luggage to leave on vacation only to find that the facility is closed.  The cost associated with storing your property can spiral quickly when it includes rescheduling lodging reservations or other expenses incurred because you cannot obtain access to items in your storage locker.  Some facilities also may not accept deliveries for patrons even during business hours.  If you will need to access your facility after hours or need staff/management to accept deliveries, you should inquire about the availability of these types of amenities.

Safety & Security Features: Whether a patron is storing heirlooms that cannot be replaced or delicate electronics, the security of the property in a self-storage unit is one of the most important concerns of most customers.  The most secure storage companies have tall fences that enclose the facility with keycard access.  Further, customers are advised to look for security cameras to detour malingering trespassers and provide a record for law enforcement in the event of a theft.  These security measures are also important to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the premises if you need to access a unit after dark.

Facility Location: While it may seem self-evident that the choice of facility should be dictated by the proximity of the self-storage facility to an individual’s business or residence, there are other convenience issues that patrons might want to consider in terms of location.  If you generally will be accessing the facility during high traffic times, a location that is easily accessible without navigating rush hour traffic might be important.  Further, customers who regularly need to access their facility at night may want a location that does not entail traveling through high crime areas.

Protection from Extreme Temperatures: There are many types of goods that must be protected from extreme heat or cold, such as wine collections, art, musical instruments and more.  If a customer plans on storing property that can be damaged by extreme temperatures, the availability of climate control is an issue that should be investigated before choosing a self-storage company.

Size/Cost Efficiency: Most storage facilities offer a range of sizes for their storage units.  It is worth determining what size storage unit is appropriate for the property that will be kept at the facility so that you can compare the relative price based on the size of the unit that will be needed.

Accessibility: If you will be storing heavy furniture or office equipment, storage facilities that feature ground floor units can prevent hernia inducing efforts to lug these items up and down stairs.  Easy opening rollup doors also provide more convenient access to individual units for older patrons and others who might otherwise find lifting their unit door challenging.

Cleanliness and Professionalism:  The professional and courteous nature of the staff of a self-storage facility and well groomed and kept grounds suggest an attention to detail that bodes well for a positive experience.  Well maintained grounds suggests that other features of the facility like digital surveillance cameras and key code entry pads are also likely to be maintained and kept in good working order.

If you have questions about finding the right self-storage facility to meet your needs, we invite you to contact Browning Park Mini Storage and speak to a member of our professional management team.  We can evaluate your situation and advise you about the appropriate storage unit given your needs and answer your other questions.