If you are a college student or a parent of kids in college, you know that this period in a young adult’s life is full of transitions that include moving in and out of dorms, apartments and the family home.  This can mean multiple moves that include downsizing followed by upsizing.  The right self-storage facility can make these potentially stressful moves affordable, efficient and relatively stress free.  Because college students are in a unique phase of their life where they may need to move their belongings in and out of a storage facility, there are certain issues that those getting ready to attend or already attending a university may want to consider:

Hours of Access

College students often keep odd hours between studying, classes and a collegiate social life so it is important to confirm that the self-storage facility you are considering has hours that allow convenient access.  Our self-storage facility offers access 24/7 so you can retrieve items from your facility before an early morning class or after a late night of studying.

Personal Security

Since college kids might need to access their storage locker after dark, personal safety can be a significant issue.  Self-storage facilities like ours offer surveillance cameras, key card entry and onsite management so that our customers do not have to worry about their safety even during late night hours.  Sometimes facilities may be less than diligent about repairing or replacing security cameras so that they provide nominal benefit.  We understand that the threat of security footage has some deterrent value, but we also know that actual surveillance footage is far more effective especially in the unlikely event that someone tries to access your storage locker without authorization.

Convenience of Location 

While college students have limited time and may need to rely on walking or public transportation so it is important to select a self-storage facility that will not require too much lost time traveling to and from the storage facility.

Locker Size

Storage spaces vary in price based on the size of the locker so determining how much space you can get by on might mean less in cost.  By the same token, the property you have should fit comfortably enough in the space that you can access the items you need in an efficient matter.  If you do not have a space large enough to allow for walkways, you may waste precious time unloading your storage locker every time you need something.

On-Site Management: If you have a problem with your access card or need other assistance, the availability of on-site staff/management can prevent a lot of unnecessary aggravation.  We have staff during business hours to answer your questions and provide assistance.  We believe the objective of self-storage is to make your life less complicated so we go the extra mile to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

If you are looking for a storage facility in Benton or the surrounding area, our helpful management and staff are available to answer your questions.  We are committed to providing an enjoyable and affordable self-storage option in Benton so call us today at (501) 315-0900 or contact us via our website form.