Whether you are relocating, downsizing or safeguarding family heirlooms, self-storage can provide an affordable method to protect your property and that of your family.  Because many people need the convenience of a storage locker for a period of years, those who use such a facility will want to obtain the most efficient and cost-effective use of their storage space.  Our professional management team at Browning Park Mini Storage have provided some tips for maximizing the benefit you receive from you storage space.

Allow Plenty of Time: Rushed packing of containers and hurried filling of a storage locker can result in wasted space, broken household items and the loss of important documents that need to be located at a later time.  If you take the time to organize the items you pack, label the boxes and place them in your storage locker according to an organized plan, you will find that the items are more accessible and protected.

Maximizing Space: When focusing on cost-effectiveness, the best approach is to pack as much as possible into the smallest space.  The property that can be safely moved into a storage locker can be increased by removing the legs from furniture, disassembling desks or other furniture, storing smaller items or clothes in drawers or appliances as well as similar space saving strategies.

Consider Taking Inventory: If you keep a recorded inventory of what you have placed in your storage unit, you can avoid the endless hours of wasted time that often follow the statement, “I think it’s in storage.”  A little effort in preparing the inventory can even provide a roadmap so that you know what types of items are stored in particular boxes or other spaces in the storage facility.  Theft also can be monitored by use of an inventory if you provide access to your storage locker to employees or others.

Prepare Materials: There are many important materials that can provide maximum protection to your breakable and perishable items.  The proper packing materials also can make packing more efficient so it can pay dividends to gather supplies like bubble wrap, newspaper, sturdy boxes, permanent markers and packing tape.  Sometimes packing boxes can be obtained for free outside local big box stores or in the free section of craigslist.com.

Storing Particular Types of Items: There are special ways that many items should be prepared for storage and located in your storage unit.

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  • Refrigerators: These appliances should be disassembled by removing the door and all drawers and shelves.  If the door cannot be removed, the refrigerator should be stored with the door open to prevent the growth of mold.
  • Wood Furniture: Wood furniture needs to be coated with a wax coating and/or completely covered with tarps and sheets to prevent water from permeating the surface of the wood.
  • Glassware and Delicate Items: These types of items need to be liberally protected with packing materials to prevent breakage and stored in solid cardboard boxes, plastic bins or furniture drawers.


If you have questions about moving and storing your property, our helpful management and staff are available to answer your questions.  We are committed to providing an enjoyable and affordable self-storage option in Benton so call us today at (501) 315-0900 or contact us via our website form.