With all of the excitement that comes with clearing clutter from your home and making use of a self-storage unit, it is often easy to overlook the problem of pests. Indeed, while pest control is not a direct concern when packing and moving possessions into storage, close attention should be paid to the best ways to avoid possible infestations. The following list demonstrates a few methods that will help curb the problem and keep your items pest-free from the start.

Planning Ahead

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  • Store cleanly – Your personal items may not show any signs of insects, but that’s no guarantee that there aren’t any hidden bugs or eggs there. In fact, it is recommended to give all of the stuff you want to store a good clean, both to get rid of what’s there and to repel what might be there in the future.
  • Pack cleanly – Now that you know your own things are safe, it’s time to think about the boxes, crates and storage bins that you use to pack. These are even more likely to be harboring nasty little critters and they should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid finding a more noticeable infestation later on.
  • Keep it under wraps – Once you’re confident about the cleanliness, thoroughly wrap, seal and enclose your storage containers to protect them from the environment.
  • Choose carefully – Avoid the decision to store perishable things like food, liquids and items with high sugar levels. These types of products attract pests through spills and breakages, as well as by smell. Don’t be responsible for bringing vermin into your own storage unit.
  • Don’t hesitate – If you run into these pesky critters, exterminate them (or ask somebody else to) in order to stave them off. Ask about the exterminating efforts made for the units.


Although the benefits of having a self-storage unit are abundant, it’s important to treat it as you would your own home. Protect your possessions with these effective early steps.