weddingWeddings can be the busiest, and the most stressful time in your life. There are so many details, and details for the details! Plus all the items you must obtain and hold on to prior to your wedding.

Store Any Seasonal or New Items
Now is a great time to get seasonal items out of the way. If your betrothed is moving unknown items into the house, you may want to put some of their things and some of your things such as furniture or electronics into storage until such a time as the chaos subsides, and you can think rationally about what both of you wish to have in your new, combined home.

Store Your Decor
Organization is a great saver of wedding planning, and having one location to put everything wedding related into is the ultimate in organization. Self-storage units can keep items you’ve bought along with items you will need only for your wedding all together and in one secure location. Self storage is especially useful if you are planning months ahead and find good deals.

Stockpile the Gifts
Wedding gifts which are large or arrive early can be put in a storage unit (open or not!) until you have time to deal with them properly and assign them a new place in your home. This way, you can be sure that they will not be accidentally damaged with all the traffic coming in and out pre-wedding.

Give yourself a break when wedding planning, and take advantage of the options you will have by using a storage unit.