bubble-wrap-2-1237499Did you know that Monday is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? We’ve dug-up some interesting facts about everyone’s favorite popping packing material – or stress reliever – depending on how you look at it!

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  • Bubble wrap got it’s start in 1957 when two inventors got the idea by sealing two shower curtains together, which trapped air bubbles between them.
  • Bubble wrap was originally marketed as a type of textured wallpaper. It never caught on.
  • Bubble wasn’t actually widely used as a packing material until 1961 when IBM was looking for a way to ship it’s new computers.
  • Experts say 1 minute of popping bubble wrap relieves the same amount of stress as a 33-minute massage.
  • We produce enough bubble wrap each year to wrap the entire globe about 10 times.
  • The current world record for the most people popping bubble wrap at the same time is 942 people.