Guest Bedroom

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. You’re probably already talking with family members to determine who will host this year’s Thanksgiving feast.

Perhaps you’re planning to visit family that you see just once or twice a year. Or perhaps family members will be coming to your house this year.

You want to offer your guests a place to stay in your home, but you’re trying to figure out exactly how to move things around in order to make space for Aunt Betty and Uncle Charlie.

Guests don’t want to feel like they’re imposing when they stay with you. But unfortunately, if your visitors have to sleep in cramped quarters, they’re bound to feel that way. You might even overhear them complaining to each other that they should have gotten a hotel so that they wouldn’t be putting you out to such an extent.

This is the time to work on this problem. If you wait until close to Thanksgiving, you may find yourself getting overly stressed. But never fear. There’s an easy solution to your dilemma.

Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, to the Rescue

Getting a self-storage unit at Browning Park Mini Storage is easy and affordable. You can choose a unit in the size that suits you and temporarily store property so that you have plenty of space to offer guests. Doing this will mean that you can create a room that feels welcoming to your guests. They’ll love staying with you.

Create a Guest Room that Your Visitors Will Love

You might be surprised how easy and inexpensive it can be to create a lovely guest room. Aunt Betty and Uncle Charlie will feel like they’re being treated like royalty. And you can be sure that they’ll let everyone else know just how pleased they are that they’re in a room that feels better than their own home.

You don’t need to spend a lot – You won’t have to lay out a lot of cash or add to your credit card to buy expensive new furniture. Check out some yard sales while the weather is still warm. You’ll probably find some beautiful bedroom furniture at very inexpensive prices.

How about a folding bed? – If you don’t want to buy a regular bed or can’t find one, buy a folding bed or a daybed. You can probably find one at a yard sale. Both folding beds and daybeds are versatile. You might find that you can even use whatever you buy after your guests have gone.

Don’t forget decorative touches – Your guests will feel especially welcome if you add a few decorative touches to the room – brightly colored curtains, some art or photos on the walls, scented candles. And on their arrival day, fresh cut flowers will add the right welcoming touch.

And how about something special? – If you really want to make your guests feel pampered, include thick terrycloth robes and new slippers for them to use. They’ll talk about how well you treated them for years to come.

Once your guests have returned to their own homes, you can easily change the room back to its former function as study or storage or whatever. Just take the furniture from the guest room to your self-storage unit and exchange it with the furniture that you stored there temporarily.

And you’ll be able to do the same thing in the future when you want to offer visitors a place to stay.

Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, is looking forward to helping you with your storage needs for the upcoming holidays. Don’t wait too long. Visit us now to discuss your storage needs.