Storage Needed

When your son headed off to college for his first year of study, you might have had a bit of empty nest syndrome. But you probably adjusted fairly quickly and perhaps even liked having the extra space for your hobby.

You might have set up your son’s bedroom as a place to do your quilting. Or maybe you set up a woodworking space in your garage. Soon, you were happily using all the space that your son had previously needed for his sports equipment, bicycle, computer work, and more.

But this time, when he returned to college for the next school year, did he leave all kinds of stuff behind in your home? You might call it junk, but you probably promised him that you wouldn’t throw any of his precious items out.

What can you do now?

Maybe last year, you put all the extra items in the garage. But wouldn’t you like to be able to use the garage for your car or craft?

A self-storage unit at Browning Park Mini Storage in Little Rock, AR, is a convenient and cost-effective solution to reduce the clutter your son left behind. You can choose a size that will accommodate all those items, and you can keep your promise not to throw anything out.

What Did He Leave Behind?

Clothing – The closet your he used when he was at home is still probably full of clothing that he didn’t want to take back to college for one reason or another. This is easy. Fold everything and pack in boxes, keeping similar items together – all trousers in a box, shirts of all kinds in a separate box, and so on. Label the boxes according to what is inside.

Seasonal equipment – Bicycles and sports equipment that your son used during the summer at home can now be put away into the storage unit to be kept safe and clean.

Furniture – Is there any furniture that your son used while home that won’t be needed until he comes home again when the school year ends? Maybe a computer desk or a bookcase full of books that are no longer needed. Great. Move it all into the storage unit so that you can reclaim the space for another purpose.

Make It Easy on Yourself

Not having your son’s clutter in your way will ease any possible stress you might feel whenever you run across something taking up valuable space in your home. Come on over to Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, to pick out a storage unit that is just large enough for the items you need to store.

By the way, we at Browning Park Mini Storage know that it’s not just your son who might have left behind a lot of clutter taking up valuable space in your home. The situation is probably the same with your daughter. In fact, a daughter might have left behind more clutter than a son.

Either way, a self-storage unit can be the right solution. Let’s discuss how we can be of help for your storage needs.