Tips on packing and storing Christmas Decorations

Has it become a tradition in your family to add to your collection of Christmas decorations each year? Putting up those decorations can be a lot of fun, but taking them down is often more frustrating than fun.

If you were unhappy to find that some of your sparkling globes had broken since last Christmas, you’ve probably already decided that you’ll be more careful when packing them up this year. And with a little extra attention and organization in packing up your decorations this year, you can make decorating next year easier and more fun than it was this year.

Here at Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, we’d like to offer some tips to make the job of packing and storing your Christmas decorations easy.

Storage Containers

Having the right containers can make your job easier and faster. You can find lots of expensive, specialized storage containers for sale. They’re very handy, but you probably already spent a lot for your Christmas celebration. So let’s do as much as possible with items that you probably already have around the house.

The one exception is a tree bag for your artificial tree, which can hold up very well year after year if stored properly. Once you’ve removed all the lights and ornaments, it’s best to put your tree into a bag specially made for tree storage. If you don’t already have a bag to store your tree, you can find a large selection of bags with rolling bases in a variety of sizes online. Investing in one will ensure that your tree is in good condition when it’s time to decorate next year.

The rest of the items you’ll need include various sizes of plastic bags, masking tape, flat shirt boxes, tissue paper or bubble wrap, egg cartons, and plastic tote bins.


Egg cartons do a great job of keeping your small fragile ornaments safe. If you don’t have enough egg cartons, start saving them for next year.

Larger ornaments can go into flat shirt boxes with tissue paper or bubble wrap as padding.

Plastic bags are perfect for storing garlands and strings of beads. As you put a strand into a plastic bag, weave it back and forth to avoid tangles.

You might find strings of lights the most difficult to pack without tangles. Here’s how to keep them tangle free. Hold one end in your hand and then wrap the strand around your bent elbow and back into your hand – over and over. Secure the strand as a loop with masking tape, and it will be easy to unroll next year once you remove the masking tape.

Label Everything

Be sure to label everything with masking tape as you go along. Don’t wait until everything is packed up.

And if you label the masking tape holding your strands of lights with information about where you used those lights this year, you won’t have to rely on trial and error next year.

If you have more than one tree in your home, be sure to separate the decorations into individual bins so that you don’t have to guess which tree the decorations are for. And don’t forget to label them.

Need Storage Space?

As your collection grows, you may find that you don’t have enough storage space. Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, can help you with that. Why not pay us a visit to pick out a storage unit that’s the right size to fit your needs?