Downsizing for retirement

You’ve retired and you’re rewarding yourself with a wonderful vacation. Let the games begin.

Several months ago, you bought your tickets to Spain or Greece or wherever in anticipation of the wonderful reward you’re giving yourself for all the years of hard work.

Departure time is getting closer and closer, but there are still some big things to do before you take off on your big trip.

You’ve bought a smaller home that you love, but it would be over-crowded if you moved all your current belongings into it. You want to deal with the move now not when you return from your big trip when all you’ll want to focus on is telling everyone all about it.

Decisions Needed

You’d better take time now to figure out what goes into your new home and what won’t so that you’ll end your trip on a happy note in a home that’s already set up the way you like.

You expected to be finished with the whole procedure of selling and moving much more quickly so that you could spend several weeks before your departure reading up on the history of your destination and shopping for fun travel clothing and accessories.

But that’s not how it turned out. You didn’t expect to be dealing with so much paperwork, housing inspections, and more for such a long time. Who knew that the procedures involved in selling your home and buying a new one would take so long?

Time Pressure

The result is that now you’re pressed for time. Under this pressure, you might not make the best decisions about belongings that you’ve collected over the years. In fact, you might get into one of those moods where you get rid of too much. And then later on, you’ll lament the fact that you have to go out and buy a new X, Y, or Z. You loved the old one so much. Why did you drop it off at Goodwill?

Self-Storage to the Rescue

Since you can’t trust yourself to make sensible decisions during this time when all you can think about is getting rid of enough of your belongings to avoid squeezing too much into your new home, the answer is to not make those decisions now.

Move your belongings temporarily into a self-storage unit at Browning Park Mini Storage in Benton, AR, and delay making the decisions about what to keep, what to give to friends, what to donate to charity, and what to sell until you’re in the best frame of mind to do that.

Returning Home with a New Outlook

Now you’re probably thinking that you don’t want to face making decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of as soon as you return from your marvelous trip. What a downer that would be!

Agreed. But that’s not a problem. When your belongings are in a self-storage unit at Otter Creek Village Mini Storage in Little Rock, AR, they’re safe and secure. You can make decisions about those items at your leisure – whenever you’re ready.

In the meantime, you’ll get accustomed to your new home. You’ll have time to figure out the destiny of the items in your storage unit – keep, sell, or donate. And you won’t be forced into making decisions during this time when you should be focusing on your trip.

Visit us at Browning Park Mini Storage to discuss your needs. We’ll help set your mind at ease so you can devote all your attention to your upcoming trip.