Anyone who has ever used a mini storage for long-term or seasonal storage needs knows how easy it is to forget about the items lingering in silence in storage until it’s time for them to make their annual debut. Unfortunately, forgetting these belongings until they are needed, does not always lead to a pleasant experience when these forgotten belongings are pulled out to be used. That’s why it is important to perform proper maintenance both before the items are stored and annually.

Time, dust, and weather conditions all play a part in the aging process causing tarnish, stains, and deterioration that are easily avoided by routine maintenance. A few items to pay special attention to are:

  • SilverSilver will tarnish even when packed away in boxes if it is not in an airtight container or sealed plastic. To avoid this from happening, perform a thorough cleaning of all silver to be stored and seal it in a zipper seal or vacuum seal storage back. Follow-up with annual inspections to ensure they remain clean and protected; taking the time to clean items that need a touch-up.
  • Yard Tools – There is nothing more irritating in the yardwork category than pulling out your yard tools to find them dull, rusted shut, or malfunctioning. To keep yard tools functioning like new, be sure to clean them after every use and do a comprehensive cleaning, sharpening, and lubricate tools prior to storing them long-term.
  • Snow Blowers and Lawn Mowers – Just like with a car, these motorized yard tools require oil changes, clean air, and fuel filters, and cleaning to continue to work year in and year out. Before storing these important investments remember to empty fuel from the tank, change the oil to avoid contaminants settling, clean or replace air and fuel filters, sharpen any blades, and check, clean, or replace spark plugs. Doing so will make for a much easier start-up for the first of season use.

Mini-Storage is meant to be a useful ally in the battle against clutter but shouldn’t be a place of forgotten objects. Performing an annual inspection and cleaning of these tools will keep things fresh for the next time they are needed. If you have any questions or concerns about the best way to store your precious items give Browning Park Mini Storage a call today and let one of our knowledgeable on-site staff answer your questions and concerns.