So, you have gone through the efforts of sorting, purging, and organizing your belongings to find you have more belongings than space. That’s where having a storage unit comes in handy. Now that you know you need a storage unit; how do you know what size to get? Choosing a storage unit to fit your needs doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you select the right unit for your needs.

Proportions Matter

Your local mini storage manager will be able to help you guestimate what size space you will need for the most part, however, there are aspects that may affect these standard calculations.

  • Odd Shaped Furniture – “L” shaped desks, roundtables, and odd shaped coat racks are but a few of the items that can throw off estimates when looking at the size of unit needed. Even the best of Tetris players may find these items difficult to integrate into the mix without leaving wasted space. The key is to know how many of these items you have, and what other items you have that will easily tuck into open spaces to get the most out of your space.
  • Yard Tools and Equipment – The large size and often awkward shape of yard tools such as mowers, edgers, and rototillers cause these items to take up more room than most other items. Weight is also a concern with these belongings since they are often heavy and not stackable.
  • Large Holiday Décor Items – Unless they are stored properly in boxes, large holiday décor items are clumsy and typically delicate or fragile; making them less stackable and more easily damaged.
  • Appliances – Although these extremely useful domestic devices are usually square, they typically have oddly shaped protrusions for hook-ups, controls, and such that prohibit them from storing flush up against other items and cut into storage space.
  • Fragile Items – Whether in boxes or stored as stand-alone, fragile items need special attention to make sure heavy things are not stacked on top of them, stacked boxes remain upright, and non-boxed items are protected from tipping, crushing, or damage in general. These special circumstances could mean shorter stacks which would cut into the overall storage space of the unit.

Before choosing a storage unit size take inventory of these types of items as well as the number of boxes and types of standard furniture items you have then consult one of the knowledgeable sales consultants at Browning Park Mini Storage for expert advice and service.