As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be wondering what to get your special someone to show them how much you care. Gift giving can be especially tricky on this romantic holiday. So, why not take your Valentine’s Day gift to the next level by refurbishing a special piece of furniture, or taking something old and turning it into a new cherished item.

Turning Something Old into Something New

Many of us have that old piece of furniture or empty picture frame laying around or tucked in storage that we are never sure what to do with. Here’s a great opportunity to reuse or recycle these unused belongings. Check out these ideas:

  • Old Chest of Drawers – Depending on the condition of your furniture piece, there are several options for repurposing a stored chest of drawers beyond simply refurbishing them. Consider turning it into an indoor/outdoor planter. This also works using old night-stands or end tables. Another great re-purpose for an old chest of drawers is turning it into a changing table. This idea is perfect for the new parent to be.
  • Large Wood or Metal Picture Frames – Picture frames are a versatile object that can be used to frame a photo of a special memory, create a wall-hanging or personal wall display, or be turned into a decorative mirror.
  • Antique Jewelry – Digging through your old boxes can be a goldmine in the gift-giving department. Look through all of those old watches, rings, and family mementos, and find just the right piece to have cleaned, repaired, and updated to fit your special someone’s unique personality.

Refurbish old Memories

You won’t want to repurpose everything. Some items just need to have their once vibrant beauty return to the surface for many more years of love. A little varnish, paint, sandpaper, and elbow grease can turn your cherished heirloom or wood or metal item into a beautiful new conversation piece.

  • Old Wood Furniture – For non-varnished wood, use a quality linseed oil or olive oil to refresh the finish, moisturize dry wood, and bring back the deep luster of the wood’s grain. For varnished pieces, you will need to remove the old varnish, re-stain, and re-varnish to get the best results.
  • Wrought Iron Furniture – To refurbish wrought iron it is best to have the item sandblasted to remove any rust, debris, and damage that may be present. Once the piece is clean you will want to seal the iron using an enamel spray paint to ensure it is protected from dust and moisture in the air.

Now that you have an assortment of ideas for your Valentine’s special gift, head on down to your Browning Park Mini Storage and see what great gift ideas that you can come up with from the items in your storage locker. We’d love to see what you come up with.