With the wet winter that we have been having, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the kids entertained on a wet Saturday indoors, especially if it’s the second or third weekend of bad weather in a row. Add the kids stir craziness to trying to get your weekend housework and chores done, and it’s the perfect recipe for a stressful weekend. Why not avoid some of this stressful chaos by creating clever rainy-day games that incorporate some of those chores?  Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your creativity.

Incorporate Chores into Other Games

No one enjoys doing chores, especially like laundry, dishes, and spring cleaning. However, by spicing them up a bit and adding some challenge a boring old chore can become a rainy-day favorite memory.

  • Laundry Races – Make folding laundry fun by turning it into a race to see who can fold the most towels, t-shirts, or whatever you choose neatly within a certain amount of time.
  • Sock Match Contest – Everyone has that odd basket or two of mismatched socks tucked away. Pull them out and challenge the kids to see who can find the most actual matches. You will be surprised at how many the find as well and the task is a great cognitive learning tool.
  • Closet Treasure Hunt – Turn cleaning out the kids’ closets into a treasure hunt. Let the kids color 3 boxes each to resemble treasure chests, then label each chest “To Be Stored”, “To Charity”, “Keep”. Once the treasure chests are completed it is time to fill them with treasure. Give each child a Paper Pirate Hat, their own personal treasure map of their room, and mark the closet, under the bed, and any other messy areas of their rooms with a big “X”. Instruct them that their pirate task is to raid those areas marked with “X” sorting everything for each of those locations into one of the three treasure chests. When they are done, reward their hard work with a special treat and have them pick out a place for their Keep treasure chest.


Rainy winter days with kids and housework doesn’t have to be tedious or stressful. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can turn chaos into productivity and fun. These games and projects will keep the kids busy for hours and allow them to help you with your weekend tasks while having fun. And, once you have all your sorting completed you will want to find a safe, convenient, clean place to store your cherished belongings. That’s where Browning Park Mini Storage is here to assist you. Contact us today to see how.